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Artists Biographies

Here we share with you the outstanding backgrounds of all our artists, displaying their broad backgrounds, education and life experiences.


Gilles Archambualt

Born in Montreal, Giles Archambault has been painting for the last twenty years. He is one of the founding members of "The Canadian Watercolor Society" (C.W.S.) Being a skilled illustrator, he has created the original Harfang des Neiges wine label and produced over 80 book covers, most of which were for Les Editions Libre Expression, in Montreal.

A myriad of art books and magazines have both published and discussed his work. He has also signed over 19 Limited Edition prints. The work of Archambault has been exhibited exclusively in Canada, United States, Europe and Saudi Arabia. Readers Digest has twice selected Archambault's paintings to illustrate the cover of the magazine. Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.



Charlotte Backman

Born in Santa Ana, California in 1956, I’m a rare Southern California native. I started to paint rocks, way back when that was a craze in elementary school, and have been dabbling in art ever since. High school art class was downright discouraging, and I went off to get an English degree at UCLA and launched into various jobs – advertising, administrative positions at Hewlett-Packard, and working with my Dad in construction.

My creative urges were satisfied with ceramics and beading for quite some time. It is only a few years ago that I started painting in earnest, so I hold Grandma Moses as an inspiration (she got started painting much later in life than I, but we also share the same birthday.)
Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.




“I love doing this!

For the first ten years of my professional life, I worked in advertising and marketing firms, but I always felt that something about that wasn’t quite right. So I moved to Manhattan—a place I’d always wanted to live—found an apartment and enrolled in the best art school I could find. I went from being a “C” student in college, to the Dean’s List. Everyone back in California got a good laugh out of that!

I feel lucky everyday because I’ve found my true calling. The art shows, the licensing agent, the gallery work, all came easily because I was madly in love with what I was doing. This isn’t work, this is life. My art is pretty happy because I’m pretty happy. I paint because I can’t sing.”

Trained in fine art & illustration at The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, Ellyna Berglund has worked in chalk pastels for the past ten years. You can see her work on licensed products: on tiles, rugs, trays, baby bibs, posters, stationary and greeting cards.

Her style is whimsical and energetic, with aggressive movement and color. Her application of the pastel color on hot-press paper is varied: applied by crillon, dry sponge, cloth and fingertip. The majority of Ellyna’s work is sold to private collectors through direct sales and galleries. Her work has been utilized in interior decorating by both individuals and corporations, commissioned by companies for use in their advertising, and licensed to be used in marketed materials. Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.


Ruth Bush

          Artist for the Interior Design Market, Product Designer and Licensing Artist

        My desire to be an artist stems from my childhood, with memories of playing with colored pencils with my twin sister at my grandparents’ house. After obtaining an advertising art degree from Kutztown University in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, I worked as a designer in the corporate art departments of Bank of America and Blue Cross, and then as a toy and package designer for Hasbro Toys in New England. After relocating to the southwest, I enjoyed creating souvenir products with my husband in our own retail establishment, Bisbee Image, including posters and books, and was pleased to hear from customers entering our store that we had the “Disneyland” of souvenirs. Medical illustration, architectural renderings, computer packaging, renderings for the EPA, and botanical illustrations for the Rodale Press also kept me busy for several years until I decided to pursue painting, designing  pieces for Phoenix Art Group, an art studio catering to the High Point furniture industry. I spent 6 years in Las Vegas working closely with interior designers in the residential as well as the hotel and casino industry. I currently live in my quaint home town of Lehighton, PA where I continue to design pieces for the hospitality market, and the gift and home décor market. Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.


Jeanette Chupack

I like to think of my work as being firmly rooted in the American realist tradition. Some of my favorite artists include Edward Hopper, Winslow Homer, and Charles Sheeler. Going back in time, the early Flemish painters such as Van Eyck and the painters of the German Renaissance such as Durer have deep roots in my artistic background as well. My paintings are most successful for me when the composition of the painting, its color, and its light come together to create the mood I have in mind.

In my ‘signature’ paintings I have placed an emphasis on gardens and views from windows, usually with a related still life in the foreground. This has led also to a series of paintings of gardens by the sea, and windows by the sea. It also allows me to express the contrasts of a cultivated world of gardens, interiors and architecture with the natural landscape.

My home in Florida provides a vast array of subject matter with tropical themes, foliage and architecture. These themes and the related strong compositional elements have allowed me to explore the color, light, and space which play an important role in all of my work. My latest focus has been a series of paintings of the rivers and other waters that I paddle in my kayak. My waterproof digital camera is my constant companion in the kayak, recording impressions and views for me to work on later in the studio. I hope to paint these landscapes before they disappear, and I hope to influence the preservation of these places for future generations. I would like my paintings to express the feelings of romance and wonder that are inherent in these landscapes.

My formal training in art consists of completing my B.F.A. degree at Syracuse University and my M.F.A. at Indiana University, along with a summer at the Yale Summer School of Music and Art. I have been showing my work in Competitive and Invitational shows since 1963.These include four Mainstreams shows of international painting, five shows at the Butler Institute of American Art, A Sense of Place with the Mid-America Arts Alliance, Artists’ Choice, Figurative Art in New York, two shows of Art on Paper at the Weatherspoon Gallery, Greensboro, North Carolina, and six Arts for the Parks competitions, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Recently, in Florida I have shown work in two national competitive shows in Punta Gorda, FL, and in ‘Art Encounter’, an all-Florida show in Naples. I was a semi-finalist in the American Artist Magazine 70th Anniversary Competition in 2007. Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.



Ms. Cook is best known for her original technique of building a medley of vibrant colors and varied layers of textural media. She intertwines the bold strokes of thick impasto with softly layered translucent washes. The use of natural stucco and the combining of layers of different media present the viewer with a three-dimensional work. Her style of painting is both fresh and innovative.

Ms. Cook received national recognition in 1997 by winning four first place awards and overall Grand Prize winner of the Liquitex “Paint a Difference” competition and a collection of her work was subsequently exhibited by Liquitex at the National Academy of Design in New York City.
The following year Utrecht paint featured her work as a Master Acrylics Artist with a full page ad in Artist Magazine. Nominated for 'Artist of the Year' in 2003 by the Academy of Fine Arts Foundation and awarded the Academy of Fine Arts Foundation 2003 Presidential Order of Merit in recognition of significant contributions to the betterment of humanity through art, Ginger is held in high esteem by her colleagues and collectors. Dynacolor Graphics' print of Table for Two recently won the Judges' Award at the 2004 Print Awards Contest, sponsored by the Printing Association of Florida. Ms. Cook currently paints from her studios in Houston Texas. Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.


Philip Craig

Philip Lorne Craig was born in Ottawa on July 29, 1951 and began his art studies in high school. After graduation, Philip continued on to Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario as a graphic design student.
In 1971, he returned to Ottawa to work for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a television graphic/set designer. In 1975, he became Art Director for C.B.C. in St. John's Newfoundland. By 1985, demand for Philip's work had become so great, he returned to Ottawa to pursue his Fine Arts talents full-time. The bold strokes of oil that compose Craig's lush landscapes has become his unmistakable trademark, making his work collectible world wide. Craig's studio is situated in Ottawa, in a 3-storey building he shares with his wife, the CEO of Dynomight Cartoons, a Canadian animation studio. Apart from creating magnificent oil paintings, Craig works as an Art Director as well. He has been creating set designs for various television shows and continues to do so with the help of a small staff. Of his work, Craig says, "I'm an old-fashioned painter. I'm not trying to beat anybody to death with politics... I try to translate my experiences onto the canvas and people respond to that."

David Delamare

Artist David Delamare was born in Leicester, UK but has lived most of his life in Portland, Oregon.

His paintings appear regularly at galleries and museums throughout the U.S. and have been featured in publications worldwide. Commissions have included book illustrations, numerous book and album covers, and production pieces for both Francis Ford Coppola and Warner Bros.

Animated Features. His work has also been featured in documentaries and television programs including the popular "Marsalis on Music." His images are well known by way of licensed products including limited edition prints, posters, greeting cards, tiles, and porcelain lithophane lights.

When not painting, he can be found attending theater or films, reading, or listening to music. His particular passion is theater—favorite playwrights include Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter, Tom Stoppard and William Shakespeare. In 1995 he completed his first theater related project, designing sets and costume concepts for the U.S. premier of Trevor Nunn’s Peter Pan.

Delamare has illustrated ten books including three original stories and eight children’s books. In 1997 he collaborated with singer song-writer Carly Simon to produce "Midnight Farm" and more recently he created his first picture book for adults, "Animerotics: A Forbidden Cabaret in 26 Acts," an alphabet book about a turn-of-the-century erotic cabaret. Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.



Pat Durgin

Pat Durgin was born in the Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C. Her earliest memory of an interest in art was when she received positive reviews during her pre-school years for coloring book activities.

Pat grew up during the decades when frantic abstract paintings were the rage. She was not pleased with the art classes of the public schools and as a result spent many hours at Washington's National Museum of Art. Here she enjoyed the works of the great masters and was fascinated by their techniques and final product.

As a teenager she studied with Mrs. Marius Farioletti and Mrs Estes Kefauver. She spent a summer at the Children's Art School at the Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington D.C. Shortly afterwards her family moved to Athens, Greece where Pat taught younger children from the U.S. Embassy lessons in art and painting.

Returning to the United States after graduating from High school she did commissioned portraits in colored pencil of the children of officers in the Art Judge Advocate General's Office where she was employed.

In 1958 she married her high school sweetheart, and they moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where her husband was employed by Sandia Corporation, in 1961. In New Mexico she found a large, diversified and very active arts community. Her first two children, Dana and Dianne were born in 1961 and 62 respectively. The family moved to Las Cruces temporarily, in 1964, here her husband obtained a degree from New Mexico State University. Here she continued producing paintings and exhibiting with the local Art Association. Returning to Albuquerque in 1966 she joined the Nor Este Art Association and began exhibiting in Albuquerque art shows. Pat served as secretary-treasurer and subsequently vice president of Nor Este. Her third child, Patricia, was born in 1970.

Pat Durgin soon joined the New Mexico Art League and held office during its transition from Old Town to its present location on Juan Tabo, N.E. She labored many hours with the League and helped greatly with the building of its present gallery. In 1974, she was accepted in Artist Equity Association in Albuquerque where she was again voted into office as Secretary. She was heavily involved in the 1% for Art struggle. By the mid 70's she was represented in numerous galleries throughout the U.S. Her works, at that time, were shown in North Dakota, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, California, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, in addition to New Mexico. Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.


Barbara R. Felisky

Barbara Rose Felisky is known for rich impressionist paintings of gardens and landscapes. The afternoon sun warming a wall in Provence, an embankment of towering rhododendrons spilling into the moat of a ruined castle, or a glorious profusion of roses climbing over a brick garden gate, all impart a sense of tranquility and awe in an all-too-often hectic world.

Travel is an important facet of Felisky's life. Her frequent trips provide inspiration and source material for her images of Provence, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Italy's Lake District, California vineyards, and, of course, English gardens. Each year she seeks out a new area to explore and photograph, returning to the studio revitalized and refreshed. However, England, with the pull of its scenery and gardens, still holds a special fascination. Felisky's rich palette and vibrant colors capture the exhilarating hues of the flowers and shrubs, while the stone walls, bridges, garden pools, and paths draw the viewer deep into the quiet tranquility of the English countryside. As a change of pace, she often paints florals and still-life tableaus of familiar and folksy home and garden objects.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Felisky now resides in Southern California, painting daily at her studio. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and Education from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. In order to further develop her skills, Felisky studied oil painting with a number of California artists as well as drawing under Fredrick Odell. Using the knowledge she acquired during her university education and while working as a professional artist, Felisky taught classes in drawing and oil painting to school-age and adult students.   Her time is now spent on traveling and creating new images to satisfy her devoted collectors, new and old.

Felisky, whose biography appears in Who's Who In American Art, has also been featured in American Artist magazine on a number of occasions. Her own article "Searching for Levitan" appeared in the July 1988 issue of that magazine.  Her work has been shown in a number of major juried exhibitions and featured in many gallery shows. Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.


Karen Fleschler

I'm a watercolor artist who is fascinated with color, composition and the play of light and dark. I take photos of the many places I have traveled to: Europe, Egypt, China, and the eastern United States. California is my home so wine is also a theme in my work.
My style is very textural. I love the challenge of painting wood, rocks and buildings. In my process, I build up many layers of paint to achieve an effect that glows.
Watercolor allows me to be creative in my process of paint application from bright, loose under painting to tight, textural brush strokes for the final layer. I paint memories of places I have seen that evoke the senses so that the viewer is also "in the moment".
Hopefully, I have been successful in capturing and conveying the essence of the various places and subjects that I have chosen to paint.
Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.


Pamela Gladding

Pamela graduated twenty years ago from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia (the art school of Temple University). She began her career painting harpsichords in Europe. From there she moved to wall covering designs and learned the technical restrictions inherent in printing methods. She has a very traditional style and an exquisite floral repertoire.

Pamela makes her home in the Pocono Mountains, where her gardens are her inspiration. She uses them for reference--along with the attendant bees, birds and butterflies she finds there. She finds her gardens rejuvenating after spending a long day of painting in her studio. She feels that working in her gardens has a Zen-like meditative effect that is restorative.

Pamela's home, gardens, husband, two dogs and three cats are the mainstay of her existence and the foundation for her artistic endeavors. Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.


Michael Humphries

Michaels' passion to become an artist began as a youngster growing up in Tampa, FL. Michael knew his destiny was to draw and paint, and when his family moved to Long Beach, CA at the age of 12, his artistic abilities blossomed.  Throughout high school Michael sought every opportunity to observe nature and create art. While in his second year of college, Michael was drafted and served as a member of the Army's 1st Air Cavalry Division's Combat Art Team in Vietnam.  Upon his return, Michael continued his art education at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadema, CA, where he currently teaches.  Michael's professional career began at the Walt Disney Studios.  While still a student at Art Center, Michael was asked to join Disney's Feature Animation team as a Background Artist.  Michael's film credits include "The Great Mouse Detective", "The Rescuers Down Under", the "Hunchback oF Notre Dame",
as well as Academy Award winners, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" and "The Lion King". He continued on with Disney art directing "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" segment of "Fantasia 2000", as well as two musical shorts, "One by One" and the Academy Award nominated short film, "The Little Match Girl".  Michael most recently was nominated for an Annie Award as Production Designer on Sony Pictures' first 3D animated movie, "Open Season."  For his dedication to the art of animation, Michael has been elected to the Academy of motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. "So much of nature intrigues and inspires me to paint. The way light reflects off of an old watering can is just as compelling to me as the grandest of landscapes."


David W. Jackson

Awaiting Bio Information and Picture


Linda Lane

No Picture Currently Available

Linda, a Missouri native, began painting over 20 years ago after a trip to the Bahamas.  While there she noticed a local lady creating portraits using charcoals.  Linda always had a love for art and decided at that point that painting is what she wanted to do. her inspirational visions of faith, family and friends has brought Linda to this place in life. "If they inspire others in the same way as they do my own, this will be the greatest reward." notes Lane.  Her images evoke an old fashioned atmosphere with a sense of Americana.


No Picture Currently Available

Kim is a self taught artist, born and raised in Pennsylvania.  Growing up in a family of antique collectors gave her an appreciation for older things from a simpler time, which she tries to incorporate into her artwork. "I truly love what i do, from my first pencil sketch to the last brush stroke on the painting. I get so involved in my work that even when I pull myself away to do household chores my paintings go with me from room to room.  Sometimes just a glance gives me an idea or brings attention to a small detail that just isn't quite right. My husband also lives with my artwork and for this I must thank him."



Don Li-Leger is a renowned Canadian artist whose body of work spans three decades. Born and raised in British Columbia, Li-Leger early on demonstrated a keen interest in art and an affinity for the natural world around him. This symbiosis of art and nature has been an instrumental force in Li-Leger’s life and in his decision to become an artist.

Li-Leger pursued studies in art and natural science in the 1970s and over the next twenty years he built a reputation as a realist painter and printmaker. In the late 1990s Li-Leger began creating a series of colour-saturated acrylic paintings that evoked abstraction but included elements of geometry, natural phenomena, calligraphy and collage. These texturally rich canvases have been described as “Asian Fusion” paintings and are characterized by a restrained colour palette and architectonic arrangements.
Informed by a number of influences, including Asian art, Eastern philosophy, and abstract art; Don Li-Leger has said that this genre of work “…grew out of my intensive involvement with monoprints, where I improvised and combined various imagery with broad areas of rolled-on saturated colour.”

Although painting and showing his artwork consume much of Li-Leger’s time, his family and his home and garden in White Rock B.C. continue to be the wellspring of his creativity: “I’ve had numerous mentors throughout my life: family, neighbors and fellow artists.” “The plants and irises represented in my paintings are those I grew in my perennial garden – therefore they hold personal meaning.”

A book on Don Li-Leger’s artwork, titled “Don Li-Leger Paintings” became available September 2005. Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.


Stephanie has always had a deep love of art, be it fine art, gardening, interior design, anything that has an artistic flare to it. Stephanie learned to paint in high school and studied art in college, but graduated with a degree in advertising and design. Although she made that her career for years, she always knew that one day she would start painting again. Inspired by her love of color and texture, Stephanie tries to paint what she would put in her own home. "There is so much beauty around us if we stop and look. I love creating art that does more than just hang there, maybe it can inspire us as well."



No Picture Currently Available

A creative artist with a flair for creating impressions of reality through the use of light and color, Bruce F. McAdam is a highly respected Canadian artist influenced greatly by the French Impressionists. He emphasizes the importance of light in the development of paintings rich in texture, emotion, and depth.

McAdam was born in Manitoba in 1951, the son of a professional designer and artist. He was encouraged to experiment with art as a child and later attended Red River College in Winnipeg to study art and design.

McAdam’s paintings have been regularly displayed in exhibitions and galleries throughout the world and are held in private collections in North America, Asia, and Europe. Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.


Jo's paintings reflect a simplicity of all things country. born ninth out of ten children, she was raised on a small farm in Iowa. Jo's father instilled in her a great love and respect for all nature. He also encouraged her at a young age to paint. "Be it the beauty of woodland flowers, the quaint countryside of the heartland, or star-filled night skies interrupted by the fireflies' glow, I always return to my roots for the subject of painting. I don't ever want to let go of those gentler times."  A self-taught artist, Jo paints primarily with watercolors and acrylics. She paints what she loves and is familiar with.



Michael O’Toole was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1963. His interest in art began with drawing at an early age and painting has now become his “all consuming passion”. Michael studied architectural design at BCIT and pursued a career in architectural illustration, living for a short time in Toronto, before choosing to devote his time fully to his art.

He now resides in White Rock, where he paints in a variety of media including watercolors and acrylics. His work appears in major private and corporate collections, and he has had many successful shows in Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island. Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.




Nancy is a full time artist who is actively involved in the British Columbia art community. She instructs many workshops and demonstrations throughout the province. At present she works primarily in oils and acrylics and strives for intensity of color in her paintings, be they floral or landscapes.
Her work is featured in galleries across Canada and the United States in corporate and private collections throughout North America and Europe. Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.




Influenced by mural artists, Daniel Pollera has become known as one of the most recognized coastal landscape artists in the nation. Pollera, a self taught artist, worked under Everett Molinari, a mural artist and head of the National Mural Society. Pollera has completed works including a 4' x 17' mural for the private collection of a bank and assisted in painting a 14' x 30' historical mural on display in the main branch of the Roslyn Savings Bank, Roslyn, New York.


Rambling coastlines, sun washed decks and romantically shaded porticos come to life under the brush of Daniel Pollera. Inspired by such artists as Edward Hopper, Winslow Homer and Andrew Wyeth, Daniel's paintings express a mood of tranquility and peaceful solitude evoking a sense that 'all's right in the world'. Using acrylics, working in a warm palette on board and drawing from life experience, he lures the viewer in with his crisp photographic quality and magical realism. Daniel was born and raised on Long Island, New York and lives on the water in one of its coastal towns. Much of his imagery comes from these surroundings and that's helped to make him one of the most respected and successful painters of coastal landscapes.

Dan has been interviewed on several television programs and his art has been selected for many magazine covers. Dan was chosen as best cover artist for the third year in a row in "best of the best' at Dan's Papers, and was given a month long one man show at Sak's Fifth Avenue. This past summer he was featured in a Sunday New York Times article and most recently, one of his pieces was chosen to be the jacket cover for the new book of Jacquelyn Mitchard's Twelve Times Blessed, published by Harper Collins. For years his original art works and reproductions have been sought after to grace the walls of executive boardrooms, the living rooms of several celebrities and the many homes of lovers of coastal and nautical landscapes.

Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.




Will was born in Calgary, Alberta and has had a passion for art from a very early age. His education led to a career in Illustration and Computer Graphic Art, but was soon followed by painting full time.

Working exclusively in oils, Will is best known for his bold use of color and the ability to give both personality and vibrance to the subjects that he paints. The slightly animated twist of his characters has led to the popularity of his art for those youthful and young at heart.

His signature style can be recognized in galleries, movies, television shows, and in both private and corporate collections worldwide. His art has a universal appeal to those who are looking to add a lighthearted, witty image to their environment. Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.



Judy is a native of Northern Utah, and it was there she first realized the excitement of capturing a feeling of a time period, and transferring it to the canvas. She enjoys various subject matter, but has a fondness for country and nostalgic scenes. The medium she uses is oil, and the style is realism. She has painted professionally since 1973, and has taught hundreds of students privately. She owned and operated a gallery and frame shop in Oregon before returning to the Salt Lake Valley in 1994. She now has a home owned, retail, framing business to compliment her art. Her paintings and Stone Sculpture have been sold and shown in many galleries across the nation. Her work is distributed world wide by Sage Brush Fine Art in Salt Lake City and is licensed by John Deere.



Carol Saxe

No Picture Currently Available

C. Saxe is an award winning artist whose work has been published in posters by the New York Graphics Society. Biographical information about the artist is in the vertical file at the Watson library of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Saxe's work is represented in numerous national, private and corporate collections.

The artist's work has been widely exhibited in the New York metropolitan area over the last twenty years. Saxe's paintings depict detailed, often sunlit architectural renderings of historic brownstones as well as images of porches, gardens and water views. A recent trip to France resulted in paintings of Parisian architecture, shops and cafes, as well as Mediterranean views.

Previous one person shows include the Rockefeller Townhouse in New York and the Gregg Galleries of the National Arts Club. Group shows include the Newark Museum, The National Arts Club, Art Expo New York and numerous galleries.

Saxe received the Joel E. Smilow Foundation award for painting from the Silvermine Guild Juried Annual and the Salmagundi Club Award for representational Painting from C.L.W.A.C. Annual Exhibit at the National Arts Club.





Born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada, Krista has loved art and painting from an early age. She is a self-taught artist whose work reflects her love of life. As an artist and mother the simple things that surround her in day-to-day life inspire her. She is constantly exploring new ways for self expression and is dedicated to creating unique and original art to suit all imaginations. Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.




Kathryn Sherman was born and raised in Poland. She graduated from Ceramic School of Arts with a degree in Porcelain Technology. It was at that time, when she started experimenting with a variety of media and exploring different techniques.

After moving to Canada in 1990, she settled in Calgary mastering her skills even further, while raising her family. Gradually she became actively involved with various art groups – Federation of Canadian Artists, Calgary Artists’ Society and Alberta Society of Artists. Although she works in oil, pencil and watercolor – acrylic is her medium of choice. The use of bright sunlight, intriguing shadows and variety of interesting details are evident in her work. Of all the subjects she paints, she is most passionate about old country sides and a myriad of romantic settings, capturing the surrounding landscape with sensitivity.

Kathryn Sherman is also a member of COSMOPOLITAN ART ON THE MOVE – a unique venture based in Alberta that brings talented and highly motivated local artists together having a common vision to bring art into peoples’ lives.

Kathryn’s dedication to her craft is evident as she states, “Although I usually paint in series, working on similar subjects for a time, I’m always on the lookout for new avenues to develop my skills. The transparency and fluidity of watercolors create the excitement of unpredictability. When pure, clean color is laid on white paper, a vibrating luminosity is born. But I have also fallen in love with the boldness, richness and wonderful texture of acrylics. Using bright sunlight and deep shadows helps me create paintings that tell the story - pieces that can visually sing. No matter which medium I’m using or what subject I paint - I always put my whole heart in it, becoming emotionally and sensually involved with my subject... I paint with all five senses.” Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.



Linda studied at Natal College of Art and Design in South Africa between 1976 and 1979. She was voted Top Student in her final year, qualifying with distinction in Textile Design. In 1981, she won the coveted Shell Design Consumer Award for designing five of the ten award winning fabrics. While working as head of a design studio between 1983 and 1989 she was developing her own personal style of watercolor painting and pencil sketching. She later worked as a freelance artist doing commissions in a variety of media.

Between 1993 and 1997, Linda worked as a creative textile designer always exploring new techniques resulting in a fresh new look. During this time she set up a gallery where she was able to exhibit her floral watercolor studies and latterly her very popular large acrylic on canvas paintings. Linda has recently settled in Calgary where she continues to explore her creative talents. Linda exhibits annually at the New Image Gallery in Calgary Alberta. Click here to go to this artist's backsplash page.


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